Social Investment

Sable Press has a Public Relations Division which focuses on the following areas:

Social Responsibility
Every year, Sable Press Management and Staff participate in various community-based initiatives across the country to meet the needs of others in an effort to give back to society. In 2012, Sable Press became an official Childline partner and has since been sponsoring various events and publications, in particular, the CONNEXION magazine; as  well as their annual Storybook. For every school magazine printed, Sable Press donates a portion of the proceeds to Childline and places an A4 advert for Childline Zimbabwe.

Community Development Events
The most notable event in support of Childline is the annual Rainbow Run. Sable Press invests more into this event each year and through our fund raising activities we are able to donate more in terms of sponsorship for this event each year. Where possible, you will find Sable Press Staff and Management participating in sponsored walks, marathons & games for various noble causes.

Helping Orphans & Widows
Sable Press aims to provide a scholarship programme to cater for identified and vetted orphans schooling. We believe that a brighter future is attainable through the acquisition of beneficial knowledge.

Giving Back to Schools
We offer educational tours of our facilities in an effort to reinforce the importance of education. As a printing organization, our role is pivotal in supplying textbooks, exercise books and other manuals required in the education sector. Through our production of school magazines we create the perfect collection of a schools memories in a beautifully compiled format, whether online or hard copy.

We aim to leave a low carbon footprint. Sable Press adheres to strict guidelines endorsed by the Environmental Management Agency in terms of waste disposable and recycling. All waste paper and chemicals are recycled and handled by professional waste removal companies specifically selected with a shared vision on caring for the environment. We also participate in the monthly clean up campaigns by ensuring that internally and within our communities we are working towards cleaning up our environment. We work closely with the SPCA and The Friend Animal Foundation where possible. We regularly donate used pallets which are converted into animal sheltering for their fur-babies.

Dissemination of Awareness newsletters
Sable Press has launched an Anti-Drug Awareness newsletter under the theme “ It’s okay to say No.” in an effort to curb drug abuse that is on the increase within our schools and communities.